Welcome to Coin Cloud - Crypto Currency Mixing Service

Low fees; random between 1.7% and 2.1%.

Withdrawal available with 1 confirmation.

Risk free trial with TestNet.

Typo free deposit QR Codes. No clearnet presence.

Please note that this is a one man operation. I feel that better protects your anonymity, but it also means I don't answer messages instantly. If you have a question please message me here or on reddit. I generally check both daily.

Just increased fees a titch. The network fee is sometimes more than mine just now. I'll keep an eye on this; hopefully reduce it later or do something dynamic.

Networks Supported

Blockchain Acronym Minimum Withdrawal Info
Bitcoin BTC 0.005 The main Bitcoin network. Currency has value.
Bitcoin (Test) BTCT 0.005 The Bitcoin test network. Currency has no value.
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